Disston Heights, St Pete’s High Ground

Disston Heights has some interesting history and is certainly popular because of the 30-60 foot elevation. Plus, it’s centrally located between the beaches and downtown St Pete.

First, if you’re interested in buying or selling a home in the Disston Heights neighborhood, I’d love to interview for the job. I know the St Pete area well, including of course Disston Heights!

Who’s heard of this popular St Pete mountain community? [oxygen mask sounds] Sitting at an elevation of 30-60 feet, Disston Heights has quite the history! Yes, “mountain” is tongue in cheek, however it’s certainly one of the higher areas in St Pete and a popular retreat when storms threaten. Oh, to be the Publix on 49th St N.

Disston Heights History: A wealthy Philadelphian named Hamilton Disston famously purchased 4M acres of FL land for $1M in 1881. He sold and developed it, using Tarpon Springs as his headquarters. Yes, same developer of Tarpon Springs deserves much of the credit for Disston Heights as well. From a broader perspective, Mr. Disston’s transaction bailed Florida out of early financial troubles.

Born in 1844, this Philadelphian was part of the “Disston and Sons” family, makers of saws and tools. He inherited the business at 34 when his father passed.

From an article by Louis M Latarola titled “The Life and Influence of Hamilton Disston”: “It is believed that Hamilton Disston’s first trip to Central Florida occurred in 1877. He became fascinated with the possibility of reclaiming swamp land to facilitate agricultural and possible residential development. […] Civil War debt had left he state in dire financial shape […]  In June, 1881, Hamilton Disston purchased four million acres of land from the State of Florida, promptly bailing the state out of its debt and becoming the largest single land owner in the United States at the time.”

Disston Heights Location

This community is only a short drive to downtown St Pete as well as the beaches! Perfectly placed in the southern part of Pinellas County!

Interested in learning more about the Disston Heights neighborhood?  Interested in buying a house or other property in Disston Heights? Or maybe you already live in the neighborhood and are looking for a realtor to sell your home? I would love the opportunity to earn your business as your Realtor in St Pete! Simply contact me to discuss what my LovingStPete Team can do for you.

More information on the Disston Heights Neighborhood:

I read where Mr Disston loved fishing in Florida. On one fishing trip he met Henry Sanford, founder of the town north of Orlando. This opened his eyes to Florida development and in part lead to his purchase of those 4 million acres, 11% of Florida’s land total.

After putting down some roots in Tarpon Springs, he moved south to develop Gulfport (Disston City at the time)…and also started work on the “high grounds” at Disston Heights. Today from 34th to 58th streets, and from 5th Ave N on the west side of 49th Street to 40th Ave N, and 13th Ave on the east side of 49th Street.

The busiest street in Disston Heights is also one of the 3 oldest in southern Pinellas County and earliest paved roads in our area. This is 49th Street, known by long-timers as Disston Boulevard. It connected Disston City (aka Gulfport) to Disston Heights.

Speaking of long-timers, I found a post where someone said the original Publix in Disston Plaza had a “mesmerizing neon sign that could be seen for miles”. Funny the things that stick in our heads from many years ago.

The 150K acres called Disston Heights, now serves as a memory for everything Mr Disston did to set kickstart the development of St Pete and surrounding areas!

Strong Real Estate Market

If you’ve considered purchasing a home, townhome or condo near Disston Heights, the LovingStPete Team would love to assist! If you already live here and are looking to sell your property, I have the marketing experience to drive traffic and the highest purchase price to meet your goals. I’d love to speak with you and explain what I can do as your local realtor!

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