Venetian Isles. Open Water Luxury on Tampa Bay

Venetian Isles is a neighborhood of over 500 waterfront homes on Tampa Bay.

The majority of homes are on open water canals, meaning no bridges to navigate under while boating.  You’ll hear the term “open water” when searching real estate in St. Pete. For boating we refer to open water as having no restrictions for ie T-tops and sailboats.

When it comes to views, of course “open water” means you’re looking across a large body of water. As far as views, homes in Venetian Isles range from open water to canal view.  You also may luck out with a view of downtown Tampa, downtown St. Pete, Weedon Island, or the vast open bay.

There are a few homes on Carolina Circle that are actually interior homes (no view), though they are very nice interior homes.

Venetian Isles has plenty of cul-de-sacs for kids and also has events for some of the holidays.  This is a deed-restricted community, meaning there’s an HOA with some guidelines to be followed by owners.

For a history of Venetian Isles, I’ll defer to the write-up on the Venetian Isles HOA website itself:

“George R. Davis, a major developer on the Suncoast in the 1950s, was the  “spark plug” in the development of Venetian Isles by obtaining the deed to the submerged waters of Tampa Bay that would become Venetian Isles in 1959 for $34,412.50.  Actual development of homes did not start until 1968 due to construction and financial problems encountered by the various developers of Venetian Isles.  Sibley Homes completed development of the remaining lots in the early 1970’s. The authority and responsibility of maintaining and enforcing the deed restrictions was turned over to the Venetian Isles Homeowners Association., Inc. in 1970.

​Venetian Isles was developed as a submerged water landfill project built at an elevation of approximately 5-7 feet above the natural shoreline. As a result of this elevation, Venetian Isles has been spared from flooding during the storms and hurricanes that have hit Tampa Bay over the past 50+ years.”

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