Bier Boutique in St Pete

Published on 10/21/22: Bier Boutique! It’s Friday and here’s your locally owned restaurant for a delicious Friday fish fry, plus so much more. Bier Boutique is a great spot and comes in at 4.7/5 out of hundreds of Google Reviews.

Bier Boutique Friday Fish Fry!

There’s so much more to Bier Boutique than the fish fry, but I’ll cover that first since it’s Friday! This all-day offering isn’t your typical Fish Fry, as the owners (Heather and Scott Brookey) have set the bar high when it comes to the fish selection. Thus far, I’ve seen Red Snapper, Lane Snapper, Grouper and Barrel Fish. Additionally, Bier Boutique uses a thin crispy batter, leaving the fresh fish responsible for the flavor, versus a thick and sometimes soggy batter elsewhere. Make sure you go early though, don’t wait for sunset, as they typically run out! Friday hours are 11am-10pm. The cost is $18 as of 10/21/22.

Bier Boutique’s Excellent Food

Moving on from the popular fish fry, you’ll quickly notice an incredible menu of starters, salads, entrees, and desserts. This includes ‘bison bacon burgers’ with a combination of unique toppings. For instance, the “agador”, dressed with candied bacon and gorgonzola cheese with a drizzle of honey peppercorn vinaigrette, topped with lettuce, tomato & onion on a brioche bun. And then another one of our favorites, Beer Candied Bacon. Yowzers. I’d gladly switch over to the diet where you just eat a bunch of bacon and beef jerky if my budget could supply THIS bacon for 3 meals a day. Colt agrees, as you’ll see in the pics.

Fine for Families

And speaking of kids, Bier Boutique is fine for families. Friends questioned if it was a “rowdy bar atmosphere”. Nah. There’s a friendly neighborhood bar inside, though you won’t find much hootin’ and hollerin’. Just some conversations among locals and friends. Additionally, there are plenty of tables away from the bar area, including outside.

Bier Boutique’s Beer Selection

Moving from kids to beer, you’ll of course find a long list of rotating beers at Bier Boutique. Heather and Scott are big supporters of our Tampa Bay Area breweries, including many names you’ll recognize. However, they noted on the Foodies podcast below that they’re huge beer nerds, so wanted to include some beers from other areas of the country as well. You have all kinds of options when it comes to beer.

Bier Boutique Location

Bier Boutique is located just north of downtown, in an area of homes facing Round Lake, giving it a neighborhood friendly vibe. We’ve found parking can be a bit tricky, though haven’t been rejected yet. Simply look for street parking a block or two away if you can’t find one adjacent to Bier Boutique.  Address: 465 7th Ave N, St Pete

Follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts to stay in tune with their rotating food specials. You’ll also notice that, for instance, on Mondays they offer half price all beer, wine and liquor 3:30pm – close!

History and Other Details

Bier Boutique is locally owned by Heather and Scott Brookey! They’ve been in the restaurant business for 25+ years. This particular concept is one they started in Key West, very successfully, then moved it to beautiful St Pete in 2018. As to why they chose St Pete, per the podcast below they “loved the pet friendliness [on dog rescue #5 at time of podcast], bikeability, foodie scene, beer scene, and everyone is super nice. Plus, you can’t beat the views.”

Some Midwest Roots for Bier Boutique

While they started in Key West, here’s the twist. They have some Ohio roots, so you’ll notice lots of Midwest comfort food to calm your nerves after a long week. For instance, St Petersburg Foodies noted that the Chili is “excellent”, especially if you enjoy spicy. I have yet to try it, though feel comfortable taking Kevin Godbee and Lori Brown’s word for it. “The authority of where to eat in St Pete”.  If you’re not familiar with or their Facebook Group with similar name, check them out. I researched a number of articles, though their podcast is where I pulled some of my info. Here’s a link to their podcast episode with the Bier Boutique owners:

Google Reviews: 541 with a 4.7/5 Average

Address: 465 7th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 11am-10pm. Closed on Sunday

Phone: 727-827-2691

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