Boca Ciega Millennium Park in Seminole Florida, with Observation Tower, Playground and more

Published on 07/17/23: Per Colt, first place for ‘Best Observation Tower’ goes to Boca Ciega Millennium Park! Anyone familiar? The assist for the win goes to its view over Boca Ciega Bay, plus the 186 acre preserve in which the 35 foot tower sits. Full disclosure, Colt was also already amped up after playing on the park’s large, and partially shaded, playground! Don’t just visit for the cool observation tower, visit for everything the park offers. Note the big tube slides are closed. The entire playground is scheduled to be replaced starting early/mid 2024.

Address: 12410 74th Ave, Seminole
Google Reviews: 4.7/5 with 1K+ reviews

Colt and I decided if we could pay bills by writing up zip lines and observation towers, we’d consider it. Send me the contract. 😬 Colt starts jogging as soon as either are spotted and I enjoy them as well.

Details on Boca Ciega Millennium Park

Alright, if you haven’t been to the 186 acre Boca Ciega Millennium Park in Seminole, add it to your list! Only 12+- miles from St Petersburg, near the beaches.

While Colt’s favorite aspect is the large playground (partially covered, not fenced) and observation tower overlooking Boca Ciega Bay, the park offers much more!

Great Features of Boca Ciega Millennium Park

🌳 1.5 Acre Dog Park
🌳 Fishing Access to Bay
🌳 Canoe/Kayak Launch
🌳 0.25-Mile Nature Trail
🌳 Boardwalks
🌳 Restrooms
🌳 Seven Picnic Shelters
🌳 Bicycle/Pedestrian Paths
🌳 Accessible to Pinellas Trail from 74th Ave N via sidewalks
🌳 35-Foot Observation Tower
🌳 Large Playground (not fenced). Ideally the replacement next year will offer even more shade.

Pet friendly on leash, except for boardwalks, observation deck, and pavilions (no dogs allowed in those areas).

Wheelchair accessible in most areas, except the observation tower.

Open 7 days a week, 7 a.m. to sunset. Closed the day after Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.

Great Florida Birding Trail – Boca Ciega Park

Keep an eye out for lots of birds on your visit. Boca Ciega park is part of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissions “Great Florida Birding Trail”. A 2,000 mile long collection of more than 500 locations around the state where the bird habitats are protected. Per you’ll find “shorebirds, waterfowl, wading birds, birds of prey and a myriad of upland birds. The park supports 7 natural communities: pine flatwoods, coastal oak hammock, mangrove swamp, salt marsh, bay head and wetlands.”

Fossils at Boca Ciega Millenium Park

Another cool aspect of the park is that thousands of Pleistocene age fossils were discovered here in 2007. Bones of “Columbian Mammoth, Giant Sloth, Giant Armadillo, Saber Tooth Cat, Camel and many more amphibians, reptiles and fish”. The fossils are now housed at the Museum of Natural History in Gainesville! Colt certainly keeps an eye out, figuring they likely missed some.

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