DigiSavIt in Tampa – Converting Old VHS Tapes to Digital

Published on 09/11/23:

Your LegacyBox alternative is DigiSavIt in Westchase! Our family has converted 40+ VHS tapes thus far to digital and now breathing a sigh of relief. Preserved forever. Plus, we have backup copies on multiple thumb drives, just in case. DigiSavIt is located just 25-30 minutes from St Petersburg! 4.9/5 on Google Reviews.
Retired from IBM, Donna and JoAnn created a high tech professional studio to convert all of the following formats to digital:
🎥 Hi-8, Digital 8
🎥 8mm Video, Mini DV, HDV
🎥 DVD & Mini DVD
🎥 8mm and Super 8 Film
🎥 16mm Film
🎥 Silent & Sound Film
📸 Black & White and Color Photos
📸 35mm, 110, 120, 126, 127 Slides and Negatives
📸 APS Advantix & Kodak Disc Film
You choose between .mp4 on thumb drives or DVD’s. They clean, lubricate, remove gaps, and monitor each recording as it transfers, repairing broken tapes where possible.
Phone: 813-792-2578
Website: https://www.digisavit.com

More Detailed Background and Info on DigiSavIt

My dad filmed our childhood from seemingly birth through college. It drove us crazy. However, now I’m grateful, and actually doing the same. Turns out, my son, nieces, and nephews all get a kick out of seeing how their parents grew up! Plus, with my mom passing, it sure is nice to have the videos forever.

Not Sure About Mailing our VHS Tapes to LegacyBox

We were very apprehensive about mailing our cherished tapes to a big company in another state. Actually, we had concerns about mailing them anywhere! It was very comforting to hand deliver the tapes to Westchase. Yet even then, I delivered them in batches of 10 tapes. Ha. In hindsight, I definitely didn’t need to do that…Donna and Joann are fantastic!
As a Navy/Delta Pilot and avocado farmer, my dad has always been extremely detailed oriented. For Donna and JoAnn to pass his gauntlet of 200 tech questions, speaks volumes. Extremely patient and maintained a sense of humor. My dad apparently mailed them fruit from our farm after every 100 questions.

DigiSavit Serves the Tampa Bay Area and Beyond

DigiSavIt is located in Westchase. “Equipped with the latest technology, we offer a complete range of digital solutions for the consumer market. We specialize in digitally re-mastering video, photographs, slides and film to high quality, long lasting files on USB drives and/or DVD’s. […] Your project is special to you and important to us. We listen to what you want and strive to make your experience easy and fun. […] Our primary goal is to exceed expectations. Our attention to detail distinguishes DigiSavIt’s services from any other.”
Address: 3523 49th Street N, St. Petersburg
Phone: 727-522-2717
Hours as of this post:
Sun-Thurs: 11am-10pm
Fri & Sat: 11am-11pm

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