Jacks London Grill

Published on 07/27/22: Anyone heard of Jacks London Grill? This friendly neighborhood pub serves up your favorites from across the pond. Yes, fish and chips, scotch eggs, Shepard’s Pie, pints and World Cup soccer of course. Note no apostrophe in “Jacks”, more on that below.

Upon visiting, it became apparent that a number of locals have made themselves regulars here. Do I have any followers who frequent Jack’s? If so, what’s your favorite item, or items, to order?

Great Reviews and Owner Isn’t Named “Jack”

With 1200+ reviewers giving it a 4.6 average on Google, we had to check it out. The owner/chef is from Surrey in England, so certainly seemed like it should be authentic. I briefly wondered if his name was “Jack”, flashing back to Mel’s Diner (Alice) with chef and owner Mel Sharples. I just dated myself with that one. 👴 However, in this case, the restaurant is simply named after the British flag, the “Union Jack”. Thus, no apostrophe in Jacks.

The owner is actually Peter Leonavicius, who moved to the Tampa Bay Area from London in the 1980’s. He’s been a part of several local restaurants, though wanted something casual to call his own. Jacks was born on 62nd Ave N in a small, unassuming structure with an outdoor patio.

Made From Scratch

Peter prides himself on making nearly everything from scratch, including the sourdough bread. With this, comes the flexibility of being able to adjust recipes for your dietary needs. There’s even a note on the menu that says “ask to speak to the chef” if you would like to see how your needs can be accommodated. I’ve got 99 reasons to support local and this is one of them.

Reasonable Prices

The prices are reasonable in this local corner pub. In fact, if you dine between 11:30am and 3pm, most British Classics are $10.99! Seems like fast food drive-thru meals are often close to $10 these days. At Jack’s, for similar cost you can have a nearly “from scratch” meal cooked for you. A no-brainer in my opinion if you have the few extra minutes.

Visiting with kids? There’s a children’s menu! They were also quick to hand Colt crayons and pics of double decker buses and such to color. Just note that some of the kid’s items have British flare to them. For instance, the grilled cheese is served on sourdough vs the ol’ white bread Colt was accustomed.

We look forward to returning to this neighborhood pub! Cheers!

Google Reviews: 1256 with a 4.6/5 Average

Address: 1050 62nd Ave N, St. Petersburg

Phone: 727-289-7170

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