J&K Seafood (formerly Trappman’s) A Seafood Market and Grill

Published on 10/01/23:

Whew…Loving St Pete is back (info below). I’m kicking it off with a locally owned seafood shack with 800 Google Reviews and a 4.7/5 star avg. Plus, a huge fish taco meal for only $7.99! If you haven’t done so already, check out J&K Seafood Shack – Trappman’s! Who knows it?
Address: 11055 Seminole Blvd, Largo
Seafood Market: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm
Grill: Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm

Back to LovingStPete after a Crazy Month!

First, after a crazy month of moving and more, we’re back! Fill in the blank in the comments: “To me, the moving process is [zyz]”. 😓 I’ll go with “exhausting”. Busy month with home closing, moving out/in, Shore Acres 🌀 activities, supporting RE clients, and family activities. Plus, the ol’ 6-8 hours a week during 🍂🏈 dedicated to our Auburn non-profit. #PinellasStudents
With the move behind us, I’m excited to continue posting about our incredible area! My list of fun local activities and places to write-up has been taunting me…

Onto J&K Seafood in Largo

Alright, you know spots like J&K Seafood are right up my alley for a LovingStPete write-up. Locally owned, great reviews, off the beaten path for some, a hard working owner, and in this case, incredible seafood!
Check out the deliciously huge fish tacos in pic #2 that cost me $7.99. I can barely buy my son a fast food meal for that price these days! And on Wednesday the tacos are only $2.99 each. And on Tuesdays the Tilapia sandwich is only $5.

Started as Trappman’s, now J&K Seafood

J&K lived up to the hype from locals. I highly recommend you swing by for great seafood and to support the local business owner! You’ll see a LovingStPete sticker by their entrance. Keep your eyes open around town, you’ll see more stickers at places we love!
The foundation for J&K was formed 50+ years ago by a local fisherman named Bill Trappman. The shack as it stands today was built in 2006 by Bill’s son.
“A small shack with a big heart – and of course delicious seafood!

Current Owner Dave

While Colt and I were onsite, we met the current owner, Dave. Nice guy and was working hard with the rest of his team, which is a common theme among the highest rated businesses we visit.
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Credit for photo 2 & 6 to Trappman’s / J&K Seafood