La Segunda Bakery in Saint Petersburg

By Published On: August 17th, 2022

La Segunda Bakery Near Downtown St Pete

Published on 08/17/22: Do you know who’s the largest producer of Cuban bread in the world? Well, if you’ve visited La Segunda Bakery on 4th Street, you’ve been inside the mothership of Cuban bread! They produce 18,000 loaves per day!

To be clear, Anthony Albert More and his son, Anthony Copeland More, use several locations in the Tampa Bay Area to help accomplish this feat. Their location in St Pete is simply their newest. The oldest location is in Ybor City and is 106 years old! We’re lucky to now have their bakery in the Sunshine City! If you’re unfamiliar, make sure to check them out.

A key to their Cuban bread is that after the dough is shaped into loaves, a fresh palmetto leaf is placed across the top to hold in the moisture! [queue me googling “palmetto leaf”, evidently science behind it🍃]

Recommendation from our Foodie Neighbors

Our foodie neighbors (former neighbors, more to come on that soon) sent us to La Segunda for their Cuban sandwiches and Muffulettas. I quickly checked that it met the LovingStPete criteria:

• Locally Owned
• 4.5+ Star Google Reviews (we give some leeway on this one, focus is supporting well run, locally owned businesses. In this case the 3 locations together avg 4.5)

Of course, our foodie friends didn’t lead us astray. La Segunda is locally owned and rated well, with thousands of reviews. And we confirmed firsthand their food is delicious! While we expected the line, it moved quickly and within 5-10 minutes we were eating our meal, including breakfast bakery items.

The gal sitting next to us was a regular and enthusiastically told us that La Segunda is one of her favorite bakeries in town. We got the vibe that she wasn’t the only regular in the room. Any other followers go to La Segunda? I can see why many have it on the top of their list!

La Segunda History

For those who enjoy the history of the places I visit, here’s some highlights of La Segunda’s past:

“The history of La Segunda Central Bakery started with a soldier’s personal vision in the late 19th Century.”

The Traditional Cuban Bread Recipe

While fighting the Spanish-American war in Cuba, Juan Moré’s sought a traditional recipe for authentic Cuban bread. “Recipe in hand, he set forth to create the bakery of his dreams in the thriving Cuban district of Ybor City, Florida”.

“Juan eventually purchased La Segunda Central Bakery from his partners, which stands today as one of Ybor’s coveted landmark buildings representing the Cuban-American era.”

Today it is a 4th generational bakery, with “Juan’s same attention to his recipes, his people and customers reflected”. […] “Locals stop in for their daily café con leche and Cuban toast all while trucks depart to deliver the crusty Cuban bread to restaurants and markets around the country.”

Today Anthony Albert More and his son, Anthony Copeland More, keep Juan’s dream alive by producing 18,000 loaves of Cuban bread daily.

Excerpts above are from La Segunda’s website.

Google Reviews: 2700 reviews with 4.6/5 star rating

Address: 2424 4th Street N, St Pete

Phone: 727-388-4983

Website: La Segunda Bakery in Tampa Bay | Est. 1915

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Written by : St Petersburg Realtor, Mike Braswell

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