Largo Central Railroad in Central Park – Free

Published on 01/24/23:

Central Park Railroad! Anyone familiar with the free rideable model railroad at Largo Central Park? 🚂 It’s a unique feature of an already incredible park. Well, they need volunteers. I put together this post using their pictures, after learning more about the story yesterday. Share with your friends, never know who might be a fit for this opportunity! They might even thank you “I love trains and have time, sign me up!”.

Volunteers Needed for Largo Central Railroad

Yesterday, I noticed a photo of volunteers working to replace 190 feet of Largo Central Railroad’s track. Their efforts will ensure families like ours can continue to enjoy train rides, just as others have since 1991! It was way back then that train enthusiasts worked out a deal with the City of Largo to setup this 1/8th scale railroad in the park…even before it officially became Central Park! As part of the deal, they give rides to the public one weekend a month.

Largo Central Railroad Ride Overview

If you’re unfamiliar, the train rides are a one-mile journey through Central Park and take around 15 minutes. In addition to seeing the water features and landscape, you’ll even pass through a tunnel. There’s an engineer sitting in the front and a conductor in the back. These volunteers take their love of trains seriously, it’s fantastic. Scroll down for ride details.

How can you help?

Here’s the deal. The trains are 100% the responsibility of volunteers, not city employees. As I found out yesterday, the non-profit really needs more helpers to support their efforts. This includes driving the train, “playing trains” with the public, and helping maintain all of the equipment.

Part of a Community!

One of the perks, in my opinion, is the “community” that goes along with it. Long time followers know “community” is a general theme for @LovingStPete. In this case, you’ll be spending time with others who have a similar interest, connecting and sharing your love of trains. All while helping others in the process! A Win-win. For more details on volunteering, visit On the top right, click on the Volunteers Needed box.

Largo Central Railroad Details:

🚂 You can ride on the first full weekend of each month. Saturday: 10 AM – 4 PM (close at 3 PM in December) and Sunday 10 AM – 1 PM

🚂 There’s no charge for rides (FREE!), though they rely on donations to operate. You can donate cash in one of their boxes onsite or donate by credit card when you check in online for your ride.

🚂 Parties: You can rent covered areas and the trains on the second and fourth Saturday of the month. There are 4 available time slots. Train is available by the hour for a $125 donation, plus gazebo rental.  Call the Largo Parks Department at (727)586-7415 and tell them you want to reserve a train party.

Address: 101 Central Park Dr, Largo, FL

Phone: (727) 586-7415

Google Reviews:  136 reviews with a 4.8/5 avg

Wheelchair accessible: ADA Compliant

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Photo credit to the Largo Central Railroad. Used with their permission from Eric.

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