Ninja Academy of Martial Arts – Coach Jay!

Published on 05/05/22: If you have kids or grandkids (ages 5+), here’s a suggestion for summer camp, after school and mixed martial arts training. I’m talking about the Ninja Academy of Martial Arts, run by Jason ‘Coach Jay’ Shoopak!

Operated By A St Pete Native

Coach Jay is a St Pete Native, has been instructing for 12+ years and studied Education & Psychology in college. He’s been training in martial arts since age 5. The Ninja Academy has ALL 5 star reviews on Google and is highly regarded by parents in our area!

When we asked Colt what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said “a nerf gun war!”. “Wait, Ninja stuff!”. Coincidentally, both of those are bday parties we recently attended. 😂 #CopyCatColt

Nerf War Birthday Party

I recalled the Ninja Academy advertised birthday parties, so I asked Coach Jay if he’d ever done a nerf war in his dojo. “We actually do nerf wars at most birthday parties”. I had wrongly assumed his go-to birthday activity would be a Double-Leg Takedown of your buddy. Turns out he tweaks to what the parents and child prefers. Want MMA activities? More games? Coach Jay makes it happen!

While known more for mixed martial arts, summer camp and after school, turns out coach Jay is also a black belt in party planning. An exhausted Colt afterwards: “I want to do every birthday with Coach Jay”.

Ninja Academy of Martial Arts – Birthday Party Done Right

Amy and I agree, Coach Jay does it up right! I had to laugh because we picked up 4 balloons on our way to the party, thinking “we need balloons at a 7 year old party”. As we walked in holding our 4 balloons, we were greeted with a studio of balloons, piñatas and birthday decorations. Coach Jay had four or five fun activities, including dodge ball, nerf war, bowling, piñatas for candy and prizes, etc. It was very well organized for 2 hours and he somehow managed 20 of Colt’s classmates w/o issue!

Coach Jay, the Kid Whisperer

From NAMA’s website “Coach Jay…is affectionately referred to as the ‘Kid Whisperer’ by families throughout Pinellas County. Jason founded NAMA in order to combine his passion for martial arts with his strong desire to shape the lives of kids. […] A self-proclaimed ‘Kid at Heart’, Coach Jay is happiest when he’s surrounded by his students.”

The Ninja Academy of Martial Arts certainly made Colt’s birthday one he’ll never forget!

Google Reviews: 25 with a 5/5 Average

Address: 1171 62nd Ave N, St Pete

Phone: (727) 290-9838

Website: Home | Ninja Academy of Martial Arts (

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