Pinellas Native Bobby Finke wins Gold at the Olympics!

Published on 08/01/21: Third GOLD medal won by Pinellas County residents! Congratulations to Bobby Finke for bringing home the Gold in the 1500 meter freestyle! Has been fun for Colt (my 6 yr old son) and I to research these Pinellas athletes! We would of course love if you Followed/Liked our @LovingStPete page on Facebook and Instagram!

Similar to Bobby’s final surge in the 800-meter, he won this 1500-meter with another adrenaline filled push to pass multiple swimmers! This time 14 minutes into the race. Here’s the video:

If you haven’t watched the video of Bobby’s incredible finish in the 800 meter, take a look at my prior post! He passed three swimmers in the last 10 seconds of the race to win Gold!

North Shore Aquatic Center

Bobby spent most of his life training at the North Shore Aquatic Center near downtown St. Pete. When the pool closed for Covid, he began swimming between sandbars around Tampa Bay. Some of you may know his dad, Joe Finke who has been a swim coach at the North Shore Aquatic Center for a number of years.

Joe’s Dad – Swim Instructor In St Pete

Joe said this about his son’s incredible final surge in the 800 meter and I can only imagine his family’s excitement again last night: “When he pushed off the wall in the last 50 meters he was in fourth place,” Joe said. “Fourth place is great. I am fine with fourth place.’ As he got further down the pool with 25 meters to go, he was catching up with those guys, oh my God. My wife, his mom, and his two older sisters were screaming and jumping up and down. It’s still a dream.” Full ABC article here:

In our prior post we celebrated Largo resident Ana Zolotic, who became the first U.S. woman to win the Gold in Taekwondo!!!

📸 Credit | @ NBCOlympics and @WFLA

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