There are so many great communities and neighborhoods around the Tampa Bay Area. Whether you’re into boating, city life, want a larger yard, prefer condo living, prefer single family houses, townhouse, you name it, it’s here in our area! We really love the sense of community among residents around Tampa Bay.

One decision you’ll need to make when choosing a community is whether you want beach life or city life. However, the good news is that no matter which one you choose, you’ll be within 20 minutes of the other life. :)  You can drive from downtown Saint Petersburg to for instance Pass-a-Grille or St. Pete Beach after work and take in a sunset. And vice versa, drive from the beach to the St. Pete Pier (near downtown) for a dinner afterwork.

There’s certainly no right or wrong, we’re fortunate to have many great options of communities in the Tampa Bay Area!

My name is Mike Braswell and I’m a real estate agent in the Tampa Bay area. I serve as a local guide, using my @LovingStPete social media accounts to serve over 15 thousand followers! Please contact me if you would like to discuss Tampa Bay Real Estate. I’d love to earn your business!

Halloween in the Old Northeast Neighborhood of St Petersburg


The Old NE Goes All Out for Halloween Published on 10/31/23: Halloween in the Old Northeast Neighborhood in St Petersburg The Old Northeast neighborhood nailed it again last night! Not just a few homes that turn into Hollywood Studios, always blocks of homes. My highlight reel here captures some great ones! Yep, I couldn’t [...]

Halloween in the Old Northeast Neighborhood of St Petersburg2024-02-05T09:03:07-05:00

St Pete High School Football – Friday Night Lights Green Devils


High School Football Around St Petersburg Published on 09/30/23: Local high school football games! Whether you’re a football fan or not, I encourage you to spend a Friday night under the lights. St Pete, Dunedin, Pinellas Park, Lakewood, Palm Harbor, wherever you might be, there's always high school football. Pick a high school team, [...]

St Pete High School Football – Friday Night Lights Green Devils2024-02-05T09:06:08-05:00

Upcoming Neighborhood Series, Communities Around Tampa Bay


Upcoming Neighborhood Series, Communities Around Tampa Bay Published on 03/08/23: The Tampa Bay Area holds some of Florida’s most beautiful backdrops. Am I right? Exhibit A: Photographer Jeremy Noyes captured these shots during his recent visit. Incredible. I greatly appreciate Jeremy allowing me to share them on @LovingStPete! While he certainly didn’t ask, I noticed [...]

Upcoming Neighborhood Series, Communities Around Tampa Bay2023-03-08T10:19:35-05:00

Boat Parades Around St Pete and Pinellas County


Boat Parades Around St Pete and Pinellas County Published on 11/24/22: Boat parades, golf cart parades, light displays, artificial snow and festivals. There’s lots to see around our area these next 45 days! I’ll write several posts with suggestions for 2022, but let's start with boat parades… Who in the @LovingStPete family has watched [...]

Boat Parades Around St Pete and Pinellas County2022-12-05T16:50:54-05:00

Halloween On Central in St Petersburg


Halloween On Central 2 Published on 10/28/22: Onto my second Halloween activity recommendation, Halloween on Central! This 2nd Annual event is huge and happens this Sunday (10/30) from 12-5pm. Over 20 blocks and nearly 2 miles of streets will be closed for the celebration. This is St. Petersburg’s largest Halloween event and promoted as [...]

Halloween On Central in St Petersburg2022-12-05T17:19:28-05:00

Movies in the Park St Pete


Movies in the Park Published on 10/26/22: As it nears Halloween, there are two upcoming St Pete’esque events that our family has especially enjoyed in years past. And they’re both free! First is tomorrow (Thursday, Oct 27th) at 6pm along the downtown waterfront. I’m talking about “Movies in the Park” at North Straub Park, [...]

Movies in the Park St Pete2022-12-05T17:23:16-05:00

The Happiness Guy in St Petersburg


The Happiness Guy in St Petersburg Published on 9/21/22: Who has seen the "Happiness" signs around our area? A few months ago, I discussed how our family spent time with Gary King, the creator of those signs. The conversation, his 31 years of research, and the history of the signs was fascinating, yet heartbreaking [...]

The Happiness Guy in St Petersburg2022-12-05T17:38:23-05:00

Big Changes for Our Family – Moving


Published on 9/21/22: Giveaway below for authentic Happiness signs, plus you’ll find the winners of my Unlimited Video Games and Arcade giveaway! While I normally giveaway gift cards to locally owned businesses, I'm mixing it up this time (after discussion with Gary King) to provide extra exposure to Gary's great cause. For new followers, [...]

Big Changes for Our Family – Moving2022-12-05T17:42:10-05:00

St Petersburg Nature Photography


St Pete Nature Photography Published on 05/07/22: Happy Weekend, Everyone! Grateful to wake up every day in the Tampa Bay Area. So much to explore in a destination many book months in advance for their vacation. 🏝 Here's some St Pete Nature Photography to start your weekend! Congratulations to @Shan.Ski on Instagram and Ruth [...]

St Petersburg Nature Photography2022-12-06T13:04:52-05:00

Rocket and Shuttle Launches


Perk of living in the Tampa Bay Area - Rocket Launches! Published on 05/06/22: These pictures are one of the perks of living not too far from rocket launches! Watch the schedules and then look toward the east at launch time. As long as there aren't too many clouds, you should be able to [...]

Rocket and Shuttle Launches2022-12-06T13:08:11-05:00
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