Sawgrass Lake Park in St Petersburg - Observation Tower, Boardwalk, and more

By Published On: August 3rd, 2023

Sawgrass Lake Park in St Petersburg – Observation Tower, Boardwalk…

Published on 08/03/23:

This was my first trip to the 400-acre Sawgrass Lake Park [said in a whispered mumble]. Right here in St Pete. Seriously, what was I thinking? It’s even on the water and has an observation tower. You know that’s ✔️✔️ for us. Felt sure I’d visited, though evidently living vicariously from Amy’s visit years back. It was all new to me and didn’t disappoint!

Who knows Sawgrass Lake Park or may want to add this beautiful park to their list? Keep an eye out for the large pile of homemade Lincoln Logs and Connect Four. A very nice touch, situated on a large table at the trail entrance. Imo, a great idea for every park to follow!

Thank you Family from Utah!

Back to my embarrassment. To double-down on the situation, we asked for directions to the observation tower from a family…who turned out to be visiting from Utah. Don’t generally ask for directions, but did on Sunday. They kindly pointed the Dynamic LovingStPete Nature Duo the right way. Ha.

Utah: “You’re parked in the right spot, just go thru that building and then on…”

LovingStPete: “Oh man, I should know this. You’ll never guess what I write up each week. Here’s a LovingStPete sticker for you to keep this convo to yourself.“ [changed subject to our family’s love of snow skiing in Utah]

Thank you ⛷️ family! If you’re following along now, I’d love to hear how you enjoyed the rest of your trip.

Sawgrass Lake Park In a Nutshell

Address: 7400 25th ST N, St. Pete

Sawgrass holds one of the largest maple swamps on the Gulf Coast, perfect for a variety of wildlife. “Thousands of birds migrate through the park during the fall & spring.” We saw rabbits, many birds, a turtle, and a baby alligator. One gentleman said he saw a 7ft 🐊 “20 min earlier”.

🌳 Nature Center (not like Weedon or Boyd Hill, though a nice touch)

🌳 1 mile Boardwalk

🌳 1/2 mile Nature Trail

🌳 Observation Tower

🌳 Huge set of Lincoln Logs near trail entrance – Colt enjoyed

🌳 Restrooms

🌳 1 Picnic Shelter & Grill – 1st come 1st serve

🌳 Fishing prohibited

🌳 No Pets on boardwalk nor at nature center. Leashed dogs okay elsewhere

🌳 Many areas wheelchair accessible

A Longer and Different Perspective of Sawgrass Lake Park

Welcome to my virtual tour of Sawgrass Lake Park in St. Petersburg, Florida. This natural wonder is managed by Pinellas County Parks & Conservation Resources and Southwest Florida Management District. It’s been providing residents and visitors alike with a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life for years. Not only is it a vital habitat for alligators, turtles, and a variety of birds, but it also offers opportunities to observe and learn about nature. Join me as I explore the beauty and wonders of this hidden gem.

Alligators in the Wild

First and foremost, the wildlife in Sawgrass Lake Park is what sets it apart from other parks. It is the perfect place to observe the Florida alligator in its natural habitat. As you meander around the park’s 400-acre expanse, you will see these ancient creatures lazing on the shores of the lake, swimming in the waterways and perched on nearby rocks. The marshes and waterways also provide home to the soft-shelled turtle, a native of Florida. It is a great opportunity to appreciate the delicacy of these animals and learn more about their role in the ecosystem.

So Many Bird Species

In addition to the fascinating reptiles, Sawgrass Lake Park also plays host to a variety of bird species, and for avid birdwatchers, it is a true paradise. With over 227 species of birds, you can easily spot waterfowls, songbirds, raptors, and shorebirds. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional birdwatcher, there’s always something to see, learn, and enjoy.

Boardwalks are Fantasic

As you stroll along the park’s boardwalk, you’ll get a close-up view of the native flora and fauna that thrive in this environment. The park also houses picnic tables, picnic shelter, grill, and restrooms, making it an ideal location for family gatherings, parties or friendly get-togethers. As you sit around the picnic tables, the sounds of nature surround you. You can also take a break from the fun activities and relax in the peacefulness of the park.

Conclusion about Sawgrass Park

After my visit to Sawgrass Lake Park, I now understand why it is a favorite among St Pete locals and visitors alike. It’s a tranquil and serene place to unwind and learn about nature. Whether you’re looking for a place to take a stroll, a spot to birdwatch or any other activity, Sawgrass Lake Park is the perfect destination for all your nature-inspired interests. Make the most of your visit by following the park’s rules to ensure the safety of the animals and yourselves. See you there!

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Written by : St Petersburg Realtor, Mike Braswell

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