Small Batch Creamery Ice Cream on 4th Street N

Published on 04/27/23: Locally owned and operated Small Batch Creamery on 4th Street North! Serving delicious homemade ice cream, made completely from scratch, so tasty that even my 7 yr old could “tell a BIG difference”. All natural ingredients, no food coloring, with a base that’s even made in-house. Not too common!

Locally Owned Small Batch Creamery

Yes, Loving St Pete personally confirmed why Small Batch Creamery has 280+ reviews with a stellar 4.8/5 avg on Google. Rather remarkable, plus the shop has a great story and very nice owner! We loved every aspect of their ice cream sandwich (baked goods on point), shakes and the ice cream scoops!
Small Batch Creamery offers shakes, floats, Cuban floats, affogatos (coffee & vanilla ice cream), sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and more. They even scoop up a selection of dairy free and plant based options! Their location is great, with lots of easy parking out front.

Pup Ice Cream Social

Keep their monthly “Pup Ice Cream Social” on your radar for tomorrow, April 27th! This includes a Cutest Dog Contest at 6:30pm and Pet Trick Contest at 7:30pm! Follow their account for addl info & future events.
After learning about their 🍨 process (from the owner, Alfred) I thought of my mom with her ice cream maker roaring on our Florida patio in the 70’s and 80’s. My job was to monitor the loud contraption, ensuring it didn’t stall and burn up the motor. Alfred has more modern tech, though the homemade aspect brought back great memories of my mom.
Alfred is Small Batch Creamery’s owner! He spent much of his life as a printer and working with the WWE. Note the visitor in photo 5, aka PJ Black! While Alfred considered retirement, he ultimately decided he wanted to “make more people smile”, and found homemade ice cream as a great means to do so.
I encourage you to add Small Batch Creamery to your list for weekly #supportlocal visits. Enjoy as a family or with friends, catching up over delicious ice cream! Photo 2 and 5 from their Facebook.
Hours as of 4/27/23:
Mon-Thur: 2pm-9:30pm
Fri: 12:30pm-10:30pm
Sat: 11:30am-10:30pm
Sun: 11:30am-9:30pm
Address:5530 4th St N, St Pete

Google Reviews: 287 Google Reviews with a 4.8/5 average

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