Trick or Treating in Venetian Isles and on Bayshore Blvd NE

Published on 11/01/20: St Pete residents certainly devised many creative ways to hand out candy in 2020. Here are a few of the clever contraptions! 🎃 I took these pictures as we trick or treated along Bayshore BLVD NE (Shore Acres) as well as in Venetian Isles. All of the homes we visited were super friendly and welcoming. Colt and friends ended up with too much candy, as expected. If you would a bunch, just let me know!

It’s unique trick or treating around the Tampa Bay Area (at least compared to our avocado farm) because quite a few people are on golf carts! It’s wild how many people have them here. To me the golf carts make it feel like vacation when I see them, like a relaxed vibe. I don’t know, might just be me, but anything I can relate to vacation, I like!

I’m sure there are many other neighborhoods around the Tampa Bay Area, frequented by trick or treaters. Love living in this area!

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